British Drag Racing Hall Of Fame
Alf Hagon

Alf Hagon

Member inducted 2009

Alf Hagon began his racing career on grasstrack bikes winning eleven National Grasstrack Championships. His first Sprint was at Trent Park in 1949 on a 350c c Rudge but it was not until August 1958 that the Sprinting bug bit when he was offered a ride on Gordon Colquhuon's Moto-Vincent at Witchford where he recorded fastest time of the day at 11.28 secs.

Alf went on to build and run a 650 cc Triumph-engined sprint bike and broke the National 750cc quarter mile record with an 11.79. Next he decided to compete with the big boys but instead of using the then popular Vincent twin went instead for the lighter JAP twin. Alf had an obsession about weight: he hated it and dispensed with anything superfluous on his machines, even sacrificing comfort for lightness.

At the 1964 International Dragfests Alf got his lightweight JAP down to a 10.57 at 139 mph and began his quest to get into nines. In 1967 he became the first rider into the nines with a 9.93 blast at Duxford and by the following year had set a long standing record at Santa Pod of 9.432 at 153 mph. Alf was also the first British rider over 200 mph that year with a 206.54 run over the flying mile at Honington in 1967.