In Memory of Those No Longer With Us

With a sport that started in the UK around 55 years ago, many of its pioneers will now be aged 70 years or more. Some are in their 90s. Hence we have lost some along the way as the years have caught up with them. Indeed, some of the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame induction celebrations were posthumous ceremonies with the inductees passing away before their important roles in the sport could be honoured this way. Although the details about their involvement are listed in each member’s profile, it is right that we should devote a special page in memory of their lives and contribution to the growth of our sport.

Members who have passed away are shown below in alphabetical order, click the name to read their BDRHoF profile.

Alan Wigmore            

Allan Herridge           

Bob Phelps                 

Brian Johnson

Dave Grady

Dave Page

Dennis Stone

Erica Bartlett             

Iris Page

Jim Read                     

John Ledster

Sammy Miller

Sydney Allard             

Terry Gibbs                

Tony Murray

Tony Densham

Paula Marshall

Peter Bartlett