The British Drag Racing Hall of Fame present a number of awards, mainly on an annual basis, at the Gala Awards Dinner in November. See the "News & Events" section for details of Drag Racing's prestigious social event of the year.

The British Drag Racing Hall of Fame CRYSTAL Tablet

The British Drag Racing Hall of Fame honours and preserves for all time the achievements of not only some of the greatest legends of British Drag Racing, but also the great contribution of others who are very rarely in the spotlight, but nevertheless have made a lasting impact and significant difference to the development of British Drag Racing. Those honoured for inclusion into the Hall of Fame receive a 'Bootsie', a quality crystal tablet encapsulating an image of the late Allan 'Bootsie' Herridge, a man who put so much into British Drag Racing, together with an exclusive gold enamelled commemorative pin badge.

Allan Herridge Image Courtesy of Peter Hurwood

The BDRHoF Lucas Global Achievement Award

In 2014 the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame (BDRHoF) introduced a new award - the Global Achievement Award sponsored by Lucas Oil Products UK Ltd. It is a special award presented for achievements in the world of drag racing that have had a global impact. It can be presented to a person, a team, a company, an institution/organisation or any other body that in the opinion of the judges has increased the awareness and stature of drag racing on a global basis, or contributed to the technical development of the sport that has resulted in advances on a worldwide basis.

The crystal trophy will not be presented every year and a unique aspect of it is the inscription ‘In memory of Pat Garlits’ on the base – something that will be engraved each time the award is presented. It is a tribute to Don Garlits’ wife Pat who passed away early in 2014. Don was the first person to receive this award and as well as his wife, Pat was his constant companion at the drag strips throughout his amazing career and as such marks the role played by all family members associated with drag racing. Without their support it could not happen.

The BDRHoF Global Impact Award

The BDRHoF 2016 Global Impact Award was presented to David Lee Marks of the Beach Boys for their considerable contribution to Drag Racing and Hot Rodding culture across the world. Their music inspired more than a generation of car enthusiasts and their concerts over a period of fifty years have continued to drive passion for the sport.

The Sydney Allard Media Awards

Introduced in 2014, these awards pay tribute to the influence of journalists and photographers in the promotion of Drag Racing. This year we have added a third award for videos. The recipients of the award will not enter the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame as such, but their achievements will be honoured and their names entered as BDRHoF Special Award winners. One will be awarded to the writer of the best book, article, feature or blog on British Drag Racing published in print or on-line. The second Sydney Allard Award will be presented for the best photograph featuring British Drag Racing, either published in print or on-line. The new third award will be for the best video featuring British Drag Racing posted on YouTube.



In Appreciation of Ron Hope

This award was presented to Ron Hope of "Rat Trap" Fuel Altered fame at the 2016 Gala Awards Dinner by Geoff Stilwell on behalf of the BDRHoF to celebrate Ron's 50 years in Drag Racing.

In Appreciation of Ed Iskenderian

In 2016 the BDRHoF made an award to Ed Iskenderian for "Engineering Innovation and Excellence" for his development of racing camshafts, pioneering corporate sponsorship in motor sport in the 1950s and helping to create the Specialty Equipment Market Association.

In Appreciation of Connie Kalitta

At the 2017 BDRHoF Gala Connie Kalitta was presented with an award for operating one of the most successful Top Fuel and Funny Car teams in NHRA history over a period of six decades.

The inscription on Connie’s trophy was ‘In Recognition For His Contribution to Drag Racing’ and the presentations were warmly applauded by the 250 people present.

Photograph by Stuart Bradbury