About the Hall of Fame

British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Limited is a company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales under no. 10387951 and whose registered office is at 39, Hatton Park Road, Wellingborough, Northants NN8 5AT.

The British Drag Racing Hall Of Fame was established 2006 to recognise significant contributions or achievements in the sport of British Drag Racing. Currently the twelve selection board members consist of club & track officials, promoters, former racers, journalists and fans with a long background in the sport - they convene annually to nominate candidates for inclusion into the Hall of Fame. Nominees with the most votes are informed by letter and invited to the presentation ceremony. Presentations are also held at race events or at an alternative venue of the inductee's choice. Those honoured for inclusion into the Hall of Fame will receive a 'Bootsie' a quality crystal tablet encapsulating an image of the late Allan 'Bootsie' Herridge, a man who put so much into British Drag Racing, together with an exclusive gold enammelled commemorative pin badge.

Please Note: Active lobbying of any person or persons would be viewed unfavourably

The criteria to which the selection board work is as follows;

Eligibility for induction into the British Drag Racing Hall Of Fame is extended to any person who has driven, piloted, owned, designed, built, maintained, prepared, promoted, officiated, supported or taken part in any capacity connected with British Drag Racing. An inductee must have been retired for a least three years or must have been engaged at the top level of his/her area of British Drag Racing for at least 20 years, or made a recognisable and significant contribution to the sport. Inductees are characterized by their desire to win, mastery of their own particular field and courage to innovate.

BDRHoF Honorary International Ambassadors

The following people have kindly agreed to become BDRHoF Honorary International Ambassadors  

Eileen Daniels 

Ron Hope 

Traci Hrudka 

Fred Miller 

Bob Muravez

Sharon Muravez 

Carl Olson  

Donna Garlits


The British Drag Racing Hall of Fame would like to thank the following individuals who have contributed their services to this site:

Nick Pettitt

Keith Lee Images

Roger Gorringe, Nitro Exposure 

Simon Groves

Andy Rogers (Tog)

Darren West, Power Race Graphics

Steve Trice

Phil Cottingham

Andy Barrack (Deceased)

Brian Taylor

Board of Selectors

Stu Bradbury

Chairman of the Selectors, Former Chief Starter at Santa Pod Raceway

Graham Beckwith

Former Santa Pod commentator, now track announcer at York Dragway & event MC

Jeremy Cookson

Shakespeare County Raceway Marketing Manager and UK nostalgia enthusiast

Phil Cottingham

Fan representative & former Carter Motorsport Marketing Manager

Phil Evans

Member of FIA Drag Racing Commission and Chair of MSA Drag Racing Committee

Robin Jackson

MSA British Drag Racing Championship Public Relations Officer

Keith Bartlett

Santa Pod Raceway CEO and FIA European Championship Promoter

Keith Lee

Photojournalist & Former SPR Commentator

Ian Marshall

Santa Pod Racers Club Chief Starter

Ian Messenger

Former Bike Racer & BDRHoF Website Administrator

Darren Prentice

Santa Pod Racers Club International Race Director

Andy Rogers (Tog)

Eurodragster.com News Editor

Nick Pettitt & Keith Lee

Historical Consultants to the BDRHoF

British Drag Racing Hall of Fame Management Group (Formed 2014).

Stu Bradbury

Honorary Chairman

Phil Cottingham

Events Co-Ordinator

Phil Evans

Special Liaison Manager

Robin Jackson

Press and Public Relations

Bev Bradbury

Secretary and Treasurer

Geoff Stilwell

International Relations

Simon Groves

Membership Liaison

Andy & Paige Wheeler

Social Media

Ian Hart

Sponsorship Director

Nigel Payne

Transport Director

Lesley Wright